Touchless Automatic

Mudbusters Carwash has four touchless automatic car wash locations. Our automatic touch free, brushless car wash system uses only soft water, high-quality soap products, and high-pressure water nozzles to clean your car or truck. Finished off with a spot-free rinse, and followed by a high volume air blower that removes excess water from your vehicle. Unlike brush or friction type car washes, that rely on rubbing and brushing the dirt off your vehicle, with a potential of scratching your car. The touch-less wash process leaves your vehicle’s delicate finish untouched.

All of our touch free in-bay automatic vehicle wash bays have a clearance of 7 feet – enough height for your stock factory car, van, SUV or pickup truck.

Auto Bays are open 24/7
All of our automatics have a 7-foot clearance.
Dually trucks are welcome in our Automatic washes at our Herning Location.



We have 4 different pricing options.

Entering the Automatic wash is simple, just drive up to the auto cashier, choose your favorite wash package , use credit card or cash. Follow wash instructions.

Tips: Pickups, when exiting the blower, use all your dryer time on the cab. Allow the blower to stop before having it blow across the bed of your truck. This way whatever you have in your truck bed, will not blow back, all over your truck!