Touchless and Self-Serve Car Wash, Wasilla Alaska


What are your hours?

The Automatics are open 24/7
The Self-Serves are also open 24/7 except for our Rupee location.
Rupee location Self-Serve is open from 6-9 Winter or 6-10 Summer.

Attendants are usually on site to help you
Knik: 9-5
Herning 9-6
Financial 9-6
Rupee 6-9

What is your number?

Please call 907-357-3400 if you need assistance.
Please call 907-232-3038 for emergency assistance.

Location numbers:
Knik: 907-357-2220
Herning: 907-357-3400
Financial: 907-357-5800
Rupee: 907-357-1700
Office: 907-357-3400

How tall are your bays?

Tall self-serves are 11 1/2 feet and a shorter self-serves are 9 1/2 feet tall
Rupee indoor self-serve is 11 1/2 feet tall
All of our automatics have a 7-foot clearance.

How long are your bays?

Auto bays and Rupee Self-Serve is 24 feet long. Self-Serves at Knik, Herning, and Financial can handle longer vehicles.

How much is the Dog Wash?

The dog wash to start is $10 for the first 10 minutes and then a dollar a minute after that. Make sure you hit the stop button when you are finished when using a credit card.

How much is the self-serve?

Knik, Herning and Financial locations are $2 for 2.5 minutes

Rupee location is $5 for first 15 minutes and then $1/minute. $55 max charge. Lost Ticket charge is $55.00

Do you have vacuums?

YES! We also have carpet shampooers! All locations have them, but our Rupee Location has them inside the heated self-serve.

What are the different colors on the vacuum islands?

Blue/Teal: Vacuum and Carpet Shampoo
Yellow: Vacuum plus fragrance
Red: Vacuum

I had a bad wash, what do I do?

If you are not satisfied with your wash, please let us know!
During business hours, either come into the office or call our number (attendants are on site during business hours)
If not during business hours, please call and leave us a message to call you back on, or stop by the next day to speak with an attendant.